It all begins in the test lab.

Do you have a new material? Do you want to change your process? Are you trying to improve production rates?

Bonnot is here to help. We have a lot of tools in the tool bag at our in house test facility. Our on site test facility and amazing team is what sets Bonnot apart from the competition. Even in just one days’ time we can help check feasibility and validate your project. Our number one goal is to ensure that when our machinery hits your floor that it is functioning as expected. The importance of testing can never be overlooked.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to trial your product.

Research and development facility

Currently The Bonnot Company has 200+ years of combined experience ranging from machinery design & engineering, machining, and research and development.

Our R&D Lab has conducted  thousands of trials with a vast array of different products. There is virtually no product we have not attempted to extrude or form. The Bonnot Company R&D Laboratory offers a flexible and cost effective solution for testing new or optimizing current products.

Research and development test scoop

Maintaining confidentiality of customers’ proprietary formulations is paramount.

Determine feasibility of processing new products (i.e. those we have not processed before). Not often the case with 125 years of experience and decades of testing documentation for reference. Often times Bonnot is well up the learning curve having successfully processed materials with similar characteristics.

Research and development Feas Extrusion

Confirm feasibility of products that we have previously processed.

Each customer’s formulation and objectives are unique and require validation.

Research and development common variables

Common variables impacting successful processing.

Formulations, binders, melt points, temperature, profile structure/appearance, shear, pressure, throughput objectives, air entrapment, etc.

research and development testing

Capabilities – Knowledgeable, experienced Test Facility staff.

  • Involvement and access to entire Bonnot technical staff for multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Various extruders for different applications up to 4” production units available.
  • Various cutters including die face and off-set fly knife.
  • Different L/D barrel options/combinations and screw geometries.
  • Hundreds of dies in stock to mimic a desired profile or custom design and manufacture for a specific need.
  • Process controls and data collection tools such as programmable inverter controllers for changing RPM and monitoring power consumption, multi-zone Temperature Control Units (TCU’s), pressure and temperature monitoring, precision scales, rheology measurement, etc.
  • Standardized Test Reports including video.

Proven methodology for scale-up through data collection and modelling.

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