The Bonnot Company has been built on a proud tradition of attracting and retaining talented people that are dedicated to delivering highly quality products to our customers.


Our success over the years has depended on this team working together to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We have many long-term staff which is a testament to the company’s commitment to its employees.

Global presence

Over 125 years experience

Industry leading machinery

Custom materials

Our employee’s attention to quality and customers is embodied in our ISO 9001 Quality Statement which states

“The responsibility to achieve our objectives is shared by all of our employees”



The Bonnot Company is privately held which has served us well over the years allowing us to dedicate capital and resources where they are most needed without consideration of shareholders.

Since 1960 a member of the Bain family has been at the helm, ensuring traditions are maintained while continuing to invest in the future through innovation. The third generation of the Bain family is now stewarding the company.

The company is headquartered in Akron, Ohio, but has a global footprint. Bonnot extruders have been sold to companies on every continent.

We routinely work with start-ups to help them develop a product but have also served large multi-nationals for many years.

The Bonnot Company is vertically integrated with their manufacturing located in the same facility as their administration and design. The vertical integration provides a competitive advantage over some of our competitors allowing us to be nimbler and more responsive. Constant investment in the latest engineering software and CNC machine tools guarantees that advantage for the future.

Our Team

The Bonnot Company is built on a proud tradition of enabling people with exceptional talents and dedication to their customers. Our success depends on the ability of all Bonnot Company associates to perform on high levels that deliver long-term success for each client.