We have a rich history of making every industry work a little better

At Bonnot we believe in making things better. And we do this by working better together.

In fact there are very few industries we haven’t produced extruders for. We began in 1891 making clay extruders, and today we’re making essential parts for the burgeoning electric car industry. This just goes to show how far-reaching our market is, and how flexible we are to working with very diverse industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and customize to meet your specific and unique needs. We are truly custom machine builders, meaning orders are manufactured to a your specification and requirements.

For example, if you have a material, with a desired processing objective or challenge, give us a call. We’ll no doubt have processed something similar before or be happy to engage proactively in solving a new challenge.

Join the biggest names across every industry by entrusting your key processing to Bonnot.

Across these sectors we empower these industry leaders to run more efficient, scalable and profitable production lines. We help them by providing and servicing

- Extruders
- Extruder machines
- Food extruders
- Clay extruders
- Rubber extrusion
- Screw extruders
- Single screw extruders

This wide client base sees us producing extruders to deal with various different products, such as…

- Bulk molding
- Catalyst
- Dewatering
- Food cold forming
- Rubber
- Carbon
- Clay
- Firelogs
- Food cooking
- Medical
- Pharmaceutical
- Rodenticide
- Sealants

As you can see, we are experts in many fields and trusted by the biggest names with some of their most demanding requirements. To find out about our expertise in your industry, or how we can help you succeed and grow, please get in touch.