Rich in history & heritage

The Bonnot Company was founded in 1891

However, the Bonnot family members can be traced back to Maximin Bonnot following his discharge from Napoleon’s army! He immigrated to America where he operated a blacksmith shop in Pennsylvania.


The beginning

In 1851 he moved to a settlement of French immigrants in Ohio and settled in Stark County where he operated a blacksmith shop until his death in 1864. His son Charles took over the business and moved to Louisville, Ohio where he built a plant to make farm implements, a growing market in the late 1800’s.


Moving to Canton

By 1891 the business was doing so well, Charles and his sons moved into a larger facility in Canton, Ohio, and incorporated The Bonnot Company.

Making farm implements was soon replaced with manufacturing brick extruders to serve the ever-expanding market for road paving and building bricks. This pivot to serve a new, growing market is characteristic of the Company’s survival and evolution over its history.


Expanding the product lines

Fast forward to the 1950’s and the company had expanded it product line to extruders that serve the specialty minerals, chemical catalyst, and food industries. Serving the needs of these two markets makes up a large percentage of our annual sales today, in addition to many others including butyl and mastic rubbers, adhesives and pet food.


The third generation

The company is now in the capable hands of the third generation of the Bain family having owned the business since the 1960’s. The philosophy remains the same, develop creative solutions to serve existing and emerging markets with customized, robustly designed machinery.