Feasibility Testing

We thrive on conducting research and development for your new products.

Our flexible approach to feasibility testing enables us to work with our customers from the start to the finish of their development process. This means when you approach us with a product to test, you can be sure that the extrusion machinery is designed to fit your very specific needs.

Our on site test facility plus our resourceful, multifaceted team is what sets Bonnot apart from the competition. If you give us just one day we will confirm feasibility and validate your project.

Our R&D Lab has conducted thousands of trials with a vast array of different products. There is virtually no product we have not attempted to extrude or form. Combine this with our 200+ years of combined experience across machinery design, engineering, and machining and you can begin to see why we Bonnot is your perfect partner for testing new or optimizing current products.

Our goal is always to ensure that when your new extruder is delivered, it is functioning as expected, but on top of that, it makes your business more efficient and profitable.

200+ years of experience

On site test facility

Flexible approach to testing


Your product is in safe hands.
And our lips are sealed.

The Bonnot Company, was founded in 1891, and renowned as one of the world's foremost suppliers of custom designed extrusion equipment. Our long term success is based on the quality of our extruders, plus our utmost integrity and trustworthiness.

When we test your product you can rest assured that it and you are in the safest hands. The confidentiality of your proprietary formulations is paramount. That’s why the biggest names in the oil, gas, chemical, automotive, and food industries trust us to build the extruders for them.

Through our vast experience we understand that the formulation and objectives of your product are unique and of course require validation. At every stage of this process, we will work closely with you, and ensure that you have access to the entire Bonnot technical staff which means adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to the successful design and build of your extruder.

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