Do you want to improve your process, but cant find a readily available solution? Call us!

Bonnot thrives on solving engineering problems. Of course we can provide standard machinery, but in many instances custom equipment is needed to solve a complex processing problem. Over 125 years of designing and building equipment has allowed us to build up a library of solutions for our customers. There is not much we haven’t seen and our willingness to think outside of the box has allowed Bonnot to grow and adapt to our customer’s ever changing needs.

We love engineering and solving problems.

custom engineering computer screen

Bonnot offers custom engineering and design services through the latest technology features.

State of the art 3-D modeling software that simplifies design and construction. All Bonnot equipment is engineered to the highest quality standards because we understand the manufacturing environment in which they will operate; therefore, streamlined accessibility and maintenance are critical in our design efforts.

custom engineering computer screen

The strength of our customization is in listening to our customers’ needs no matter what the application may be.

Carefully tailored modifications to our basic propriety designs can enhance your product results while saving you time and money. No matter what your need we can help!