What are you looking to extrude?

The Bonnot Company has existing designs for bulk moulding compound extrusion, activated carbon extrusion, catalyst pelletizing extrusion, clay extrusion, food cooking extrusion, cold forming extrusion, food forming extrusion, hydrocolloid extrusion, laboratory extruders, rubber extrusion, rodenticide extrusion and sealant extrusion. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us for new extrusion applications.

The Bonnot Company takes pride in its continuous commitment to innovation, consistently developing cutting-edge extrusion solutions for a variety of new materials.

In the 1970s, The Bonnot Company received an unusual request from a prospective client who had deceased animal carcasses and wondered if they could be sent in for testing. Taking a bold approach, we accepted the challenge and, in doing so, pioneered the development of the first pet food extruder.

Throughout our rich history, The Bonnot Company has been open to testing a wide range of materials on our extruders, exploring the potential for creating usable products. We offer customization options for size, hopper opening, screw geometry, barrel length, materials of construction, and virtually any other specifications necessary to develop innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of each material or customer.

The aforementioned list is not exhaustive, as we have successfully produced extruders for numerous materials not explicitly mentioned, including graphite extrusion, silly putty, modeling clay, and many others.

If your material isn’t listed, it doesn’t imply that we lack a solution or are unwilling to undertake the development work required to create a new solution. Recently, we even received a request regarding human biowaste, and though our team might not have been overly enthusiastic, we are conducting testing nonetheless.

Feel free to contact us to explore whether The Bonnot Company has an extrusion solution perfectly suited for your specific material.

Want to Prove it Out?

The Bonnot Company is pleased to offer FREE feasibility testing in our test facility. Come and take advantage of our comprehensive catalog of test equipment; different extruder designs, screw geometries, forming dies, temperature control options, mixers and material testing equipment.