Hydrocolloid & Adhesive Extruders

Our hydrocolloid & adhesive extruders are suitable for a range of medical and pharmaceutical applications

4 in Hydrocoloid Extruder With Fishtail

Medical supply/pharmaceutical companies process hydrocolloid, an opaque or transparent adhesive for wound dressing. The hydrocolloid is die-cut into shapes from a web for specific applications. Bonnot extruders effectively ingest the hydrocolloid slugs from the mixer and create a uniform web.

Our equipment also processes adhesives for transdermal patches.

Creating consistent hydrocolloid webs can be a challenge. The Bonnot Company is pleased to offer feasibility testing at our facility in Akron, OH, USA and a leasing program for trials at customer facilities.

Extruder Design Features

  1. Turnkey systems including CE
  2. Screenchangers, Plumbing manifolds & dies available
  3. Processing control with multiple temperature zones
  4. Long life bushings & seals
  5. Medical grade stainless steel construction

Extruder Standard Specifications

4 in Hydrocoloid Extruder With Fishtail
MD 4 Series
Custom 6 4 in. Extruder
MD 6 Series
Output 400lbs - 1,000lbs / hour 600lbs - 1,600lbs /hour
Layout (L x H x W) 112" x 46" x 72" 178" x 70" 100
Hopper Opening 11.75" x 9.88" 18" x 13.5"
Motor Power 20 HP 30 HP
4 in Hydrocoloid Extruder With Fishtail
MD 4 Series
Custom 6 4 in. Extruder
MD 6 Series

Uniform processing of hyrdrocolloid web

The Bonnot Company’s Hydrocolloid & Adhesive extruder designs offers uniform processing of your products.

Packers aid ingestion of hard to feed materials.

MD 4 Series Extruder

The Bonnot MD 4 Series Extruder

This extruder specification included a complete plumbing manifold for precise temperature control.

It also includes The Bonnot Company’s fishtail nozzle die.

A complete CE turnkey system

Watch our President describe the features of this turnkey CE compliant system.

Major Customers

Relevant Ancillary Equipment

6 in Multi Hole Die Plate

Extrusion Dies

Bonnot Offers a Variety of Extrusion Dies in Various Sizes

PLC Controls

Extruder Controls

The Bonnot Company Offers a Full Range of Control Options For Our Extrusion Systems

Want to Prove it Out?

The Bonnot Company is pleased to offer FREE feasibility testing in our test facility. Come and take advantage of our comprehensive catalog of test equipment; different extruder designs, screw geometries, forming dies, temperature control options, mixers and material testing equipment.