Live Bottom Extruders

Process Entire Batches of Butyl, Sealants and other Mastics

8 inch Live Bottom Extruder

Bonnot developed the Live Bottom Feeder Extruder to efficiently process entire loads of material from the mixer, eliminating the need and cost of pre-sizing batches. Dual drives enable independent control over feeding and extrusion. Feed beds are customized to match your batch size. The Live Bottom Feeder Extruder is configured with multiple temperature zones, including screws to enhance process control. Optional hydraulic batch loading feature optional. Right or left-hand configurations to match your facility layout.

Extruder Design Features

Live Bottom Extruder Diagram
  1. Large Diameter Feed Screws
  2. Rotary Union for Screw Temperature Control
  3. Hydraulic Batch Loading System
  4. (2) Jacketed Barrels for Temperature Control
  5. High Torque Feeder Motor
  6. High Torque Extrusion Motor

Extruder Standard Specifications

6 inch Live Bottom Extruder
RS 6 Series LB
8 inch Live Bottom Extruder
RS 8 Series LB
Output 1,000 - 2,500 lbs/hour 2500 - 4,500 lbs/hour
Approximate Layout (L x H x W inches) 124” x 105” x 108” 190” x 128” x 59”
Hopper Opening 48” x 36-1/4” 86-1/8” x 48”
Motor Power 25 HP / 75 HP 40 HP / 100 HP
6 inch Live Bottom Extruder
RS 6 Series LB
8 inch Live Bottom Extruder
RS 8 Series LB
Live Bottom Extruder And Batch Loader

(2) 8" Live Bottom Extruders

These extruders are complete systems with batch loaders. They are in operation processing sealants in a facility in the US.

Live Bottom Extruder Processing Sealants

In this video you can see how the live bottom extruder is able to ingest a batch of material and feed in a controlled fashion.

A Video Walkaround

In this video you can see a video walk around of a complete live bottom system.

Major Customers

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