Custom Engineering

One of The Bonnot Company’s core competencies is our custom engineering. Oftentimes our competitors take the “one size fits all” approach to extrusion solutions.

Our philosophy has always been and continues to be, modify an existing machine, or develop a brand-new design to achieve a customer’s objective. It is a strategic advantage for us.

On-site Test Facility

Latest Software and Technologies

Custom Solutions

Experienced Engineers

The brand loyalty is a testament to the robustness of our designs and our willingness to offer custom solutions to meet customers’ processing needs. It’s not uncommon for us to have a relationship with a customer that spans decades.

The Bonnot Company prides itself in identifying and retaining talented engineers and supporting them with the latest engineering software and design technology.

Frequently a new or existing customer will approach us with a new product application. Utilizing our on-site Test Facility, we can conduct trials with their product to assess the characteristics and utilize the data to design the optimum solution.

So, if you’re in need of a customized extrusion or cutting solution for your product, please contact our team.

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