Equipment Leasing

Leasing can be very pleasing with Bonnot.

The Bonnot Company is pleased to offer you an equipment leasing program. This is clever and flexible option when an upfront purchase is not appropriate or viable.

We understand that everyone’s need are different, and that leasing could help you to trial a new product or processing objective that needs more development, or perhaps to fulfil a temporary need to increase production. Whatever the solution you need is. our 1 Series, 2 Series and 4 Series machines are all available for lease in base configurations.

Equipment leasing

Credit toward eventual machine purchase

Trial a new product

Fulfill a temporary need

What makes this approach even more attractive is the fact that your lease payments can be used as a credit toward the eventual machine purchase. So, if you are interested in purchasing the leased equipment or different machinery, a portion of your lease payments may apply to the selling price of the existing equipment or any other equipment you purchase.

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