Bonnot Working on Using Protein Extrusion to Process Plants and Other Meat Replacements

Over the past few years, many start-ups have approached Bonnot regarding plant-based protein extrusion, looking to capitalize on the increasingly popular trend of marketing meat-free alternatives to consumers. As more people continue to adopt vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, there is a growing need to understand and expand plant-based food processing techniques.

Plant proteins are the No. 1 source of vegan meat analogues, and Bonnot has been involved in the development of several products using extrusion. Opportunities abound for forward-thinking companies willing to commit to exploring the value of a plant protein extruder to meet the increased demand for new, higher-quality and better-tasting plant-based meat substitutes.

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How Does a Plant Protein Extruder Work?

From a simplified view, a plant protein extruder is a machine that includes a screw system inside a barrel that exposes biopolymer ingredients (plants) to heat, pressure and moisture, then passes them through a small opening known as a die. The resulting mass is semi-solid and still contains moisture. This is called wet textured vegetable protein. Dry textured vegetable protein is created by passing the product through a dryer.

Challenges for the Plant Protein Extrusion Process

Unique challenges loom for anyone working to process plant fibers via extrusion. The vast diversity of the products utilized in this industry can pose obstacles when seeking to employ historically proven processing solutions. One of the major impediments to plant protein processing vs. meat processing is the high amount of powder handling that’s required. These powders (for example, whey protein isolate, wheat gluten and soy protein) are organic, thus combustible, meaning there’s an inherent safety issue. Dealing with powders also means potential allergens and the danger of cross-contamination of products.

Other Difficulties in the Plant Protein Extrusion Process:

  • Meeting consumer’s expectations regarding taste, texture, etc.
  • Introducing new products
  • Growing, harvesting and storing ingredients

The Future of Plant-Based Protein Extrusion

The way each specific material reacts during the plant protein extrusion process has required us to be very innovative during the R&D phase to accomplish each customer’s individual goals. Luckily, Bonnot has an in-house lab fully equipped with extrusion machinery where we have conducted countless tests on a variety of plant-based proteins and meat alternatives.

Overall, we’ve seen positive results.

Contact Bonnot if you’re working with a similar product and see if Bonnot Extruders can complement your process.

What a Food Extruder Machine From Bonnot Can Do for You

Odds are you’ve enjoyed a snack or meal made from a Bonnot Food Extruder, or perhaps you’ve tossed a healthy snack to your dog or cat that came from a Bonnot Pet Food Extruder. Our extrusion machinery is highly regarded in the food processing industry because it can be used to produce incredible products that consumers trust.

Extrusion Cooking Lets You Produce:

  • Snacks
  • Cereals
  • Textured vegetable protein
  • Baby foods
  • Meat substitutes
  • Corn meal
  • And more

Benefits of a Bonnot Food Extruder:

  • Our extruders continuously produce food so there’s no need to cook in batches.
  • Every extruder machine operates accurately in regards to cooking temperature, pressure and time.
  • Our hardened stainless steel liners last longer, wear slower and are easy to clean.
  • Interchangeable dies can extrude a wide selection of sizes and shapes.
  • Simple design and durable construction translate to reduced wear and less downtime for plant-based protein extrusion.

Produce Sustainable Meat Analogues With Bonnot Protein Extrusion

Bonnot food extruders are your plant-based protein extrusion solution. Our extruders are built to exceed expectations and will keep you on the cutting edge of healthy and environmentally conscious nutrition.

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