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Depending on your needs, we offer varying types of extruders that process multiple kinds of materials in different volumes or quantities and in numerous ways. If none of the products listed on this site meet your requirements, we will design a custom solution that functions to your exact specifications. Once a customized product is complete, we will test it for you so you can see our capability for exceptional extrusion products firsthand. Contact us at 330.896.6544 or email us to learn about extrusion solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Dual drive design processes difficult-to-feed materials in a controlled fashion. Learn More
The Single Packer Extruder is a cost effective, durable solution for multiple materials and applications. Learn More
An original design. Two counter rotating packers aid the feeding of some of the most challenging materials. Learn More

Dual drive design processes difficult-to-feed materials in a controlled fashion. Learn More
Perfect for high-volume production of heavy, bulky materials — including those with moisture content. Learn More
Features a large capacity feed hopper for easy and effective batch loading. Learn More

Twin screw extruders are used extensively for mixing and compounding many different material types. Learn More
Enables production of large volumes of heavy, bulky materials and secure processing compression. Learn More
Maintains precise control of cooking temperature, pressure and time so that material is consistent. Learn More

Designed to transform bulk materials into solid pellets of uniform size. Learn More
Designed for uniform processing of large batches of sticky and hard-to-handle material and compounds. Learn More
Developed for use with chemicals, sealants, ceramics and more. Learn More

Enables continuous production of high aluminas, gels, molecular sieves, viscous substances and more. Learn More
Enables controlled material flow to the extruder to optimize production. Learn More
Our customized products deliver reliability and material efficiency in all applications. Learn More

Utilized for bench top lab evaluations or processing small amounts of materials in production. Learn More
Offers control and data collection for small batch, bench top testing and more. Learn More