Using Extrusion Pelletizing for High-Volume, High-Quality Production

Meeting high-volume production standards while also producing high-quality pelletized products might seem like a lofty goal to achieve. In reality, you only need equipment on your side that can meet your unique specifications. With a pellet extruder machine from the Bonnot Company, you’ll be able to meet your production quotas while turning out more consistent products.

What is Extrusion Pelletizing Used for?

The short answer: just about any strand mixture that you would like to turn into pellets. An extrusion pelletizing machine uses a die and cutter system to form the mixture being pushed through it into pellets. A Bonnot pellet extruder can be outfitted with virtually any die, including custom dies designed precisely for your needs. We also offer a wide selection of auger and barrel configurations to suit your material requirements and output goals, along with heating and cooling options. With such a wide variety of capabilities, pelletizing extruders can be used to create the following products.

Carbon & Coal

When heated to a certain temperature, carbon fiber and coal products gain plastic-like qualities that make them easy to form and process. Once the pelletizing process is complete, the finished product is ready for use as a fuel source.

Waste streams can also be incorporated into your carbon products to create fuel sources. For example, our machinery can process animal litter, bio-char and more to create viable fuel sources. With a Bonnot extrusion pelletizing machine, your facility will be capable of managing coal and carbon processing with greater efficiency than ever before.

Clays & Minerals

Clay and other minerals are often used for applications like structural bricks and wall, floor or roofing tiles. As such, consistency is key — but that can be tricky when clays and minerals of varying moistures are used. A Bonnot extrusion pelletizing machine accounts for this with features like optional system controls and the barrel and auger heating and cooling capabilities mentioned earlier. Our pelletizing extruders are also available in 2″ to 20″ model sizes, giving you a great deal of size and shape flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Cereals & Snack Foods

When you pour cereal or your favorite snack into a bowl, you can expect all the pieces to be almost exactly the same shape and size. That’s because an extrusion pelletizing machine was used to either cook or cold form the food into that specific shape. Bonnot extruders offer a high degree of design flexibility, so you can create simple shapes or more complex ones, like wagon wheel pasta, with complex extrusion dies. And depending on the model you choose, you could be producing 10-30 tons of product per hour.

Livestock Feed & Pet Food

Similar to snacks and cereal, extrusion pelletizing can also form livestock feed, pet food kibble and other animal treats. Bonnot has been creating animal food using extrusion since the 1950s, and we’ve dealt with all kinds of moist, semi-moist and dry food and treats. No matter the pressure, temperature or shape requirements needed to create your pet food or treat, using a Bonnot pellet extruder machine is sure to produce high-quality, nutritional products for your animals at an impressive pace.

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