Custom Equipment

Product Information

Bonnot custom equipment provides you a better product, at greater savings and increased profits. All of our equipment is engineered to meet and exceed peak load and sustained operation requirements. The simplicity of design, modular construction, and use of heavy duty components mean fewer parts to wear out, less servicing downtime, easier maintenance, and significantly lower labor costs.

All Bonnot custom equipment can be fitted with special options to meet specific requirements. Some of the special options are:

  • Centerline height
  • Motor orientation
  • Custom Screw and barrels
  • Custom Hoppers and Hopper Chutes
  • Special Screw and Barrel coatings
  • Custom material of construction
  • Integration of gear-pump assemblies, screen changers
  • Custom cutter arrangements
  • Batch Loading integration
  • Mixer integration
  • System Controls integration

We Welcome the Opportunity to Serve You

You tell us what materials or compounds you want to process and your special production requirements. The Bonnot team will advise you on the most efficient processing operations for your materials and the best suited Bonnot equipment to do the job. We will even provide lab testing to prove out design concepts.

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