How Bonnot Uses Old-Fashioned Innovation to Create New Custom Extrusion Solutions

Sometimes modern problems require elements of old innovation to create the optimal solution. The Bonnot Company understands this implicitly thanks to our 125-year history of designing and building custom extrusion solutions for our customers across a variety of industries. But how exactly do we help our customers find the right design to improve their processes? We have a few different methods up our sleeve.

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Custom Engineering & Design Services

When you have an outside-the-box idea, you need an outside-the-box solution to help bring it to life. The Bonnot Company has dealt with all sorts of complex design challenges over the years and across the many industries we’ve served, from rubber extrusion to pet food production. And we use a mixture of old and new to find the right solution every time.

Since we’ve been in the business so long, we have an entire library of past designs that we can reference when formulating your custom solution. Depending on the material and the standards you are trying to reach, an old solution that worked on another application might be just right for your production needs with a bit of extra tweaking.

That’s where the “new” part comes in. Using the latest 3D modeling software, we can render a unique design tailored to your needs. This software simplifies the construction process so we can get to the testing phase quickly and have your new machine up and running asap.

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Research & Development

You never know until you try — that’s why the research and development phase is so important, and why the Bonnot Company has its very own R&D test facility onsite at our Akron campus. As we develop your custom solution, we invite you to visit us at our facility to ensure the machine we’re developing meets your needs exactly. That way, when it’s time to roll out the newest addition to your production floor, it functions just as it’s supposed to. Whether or not you come to the facility in person, we’ll provide detailed test reports, videos and samples so you have the best possible idea of how your machine works and can see the quality of the products it creates.

Throughout the R&D process for custom extrusion solutions, customers have access to the entire Bonnot technical staff; no matter your question, you’ll find the perfect person to answer it. Thanks to our broad range of expertise, we can not only suggest extrusion machine implementations that may be beneficial, but also fill you in on common variables that have a major impact on processing. For example, melting points, binders, profile structure and appearance, pressure and other aspects of your product formulation can all have an affect on the success of the final product. From working with products and materials that have similar characteristics, we’re great at troubleshooting!

Field Service & Replacement Parts

Even custom extrusion solutions specifically designed for your job will need maintenance eventually. Another benefit of working with Bonnot is that our technicians and engineers work with our extruders and other machines daily. They also have access to decades of custom design blueprints to help fix (and in some cases, completely rebuild) your equipment. Our full in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to quickly respond to emergencies to save you money and reduce downtime, since in many cases you won’t have to replace your machine — we’ll just give the parts a facelift instead.

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