Get the Right Cut for Your Aluminum Products with a Bonnot Extrusion Cutting Machine

The strength of aluminum, especially when alloyed with other metals, makes it ideal for applications across industries. Its malleability, however, is the larger reason why it’s so versatile. Aluminum can easily be machined and cast using extrusion equipment, so any size or shape required for a particular application can easily be achieved. Coupled with an extrusion cutting machine from the Bonnot Company, extruded aluminum products can be created more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

How Does Aluminum Extrusion Work?

Aluminum extrusion is a fairly straightforward process that allows manufacturers to achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness in their facilities.

  • First, an aluminum billet is heated and transferred to the extruder, usually with some form of lubricant to prevent it from sticking to the machine’s components.
  • The aluminum is forced through the die, emerging in an elongated shape the same size as the die opening.
  • Custom cutters, such as guillotine cutters, can be used at this point to cut the aluminum into uniform lengths.
  • The new piece of extruded aluminum is allowed to cool at the end of the extrusion line.
  • If using a cutter is not possible, the aluminum is taken to a sawing table for final cutting.

Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is used most predominantly in construction, transportation and commercial industries, among others. Aluminum itself is a frequently used material because it’s more cost-effective and easier to machine than steel, but just as strong. As such, aluminum extrusion offers the following benefits:

  • Easier to create complex cross-sections or shapes of varying thicknesses
  • Reduced manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for welding and joining
  • Simple to create pipe extrusions and other shapes with hollow centers
  • Convenient to create interlocking shapes, like tongue and groove or snap/sliding fit
  • Custom dies can be created and reused for your specific needs
  • If a new shape is needed, simply replace the dies on the same machine
  • Using and switching out dies saves time and money

5 Ways Aluminum Extrusion is Used Across Industries

Aluminum has many unique properties that make it the optimal material for applications in the industries listed below. It transfers heat efficiently, has a low weight to strength ratio, is corrosion and rust resistant and is non-magnetic. This wide range of attributes combined with the versatility offered by aluminum extrusion makes it one of the most valuable materials used in manufacturing today. These are just a few of the industries taking advantage of extruded aluminum parts:

  • Automobile Industry: condenser tubes, radiators, air conditioners
  • Electronics Industry: heating and cooling applications in computers, audio/visual components, coaxial cable tubing
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: thawing units
  • Transportation Industry: aircrafts, boats, subways, truck chassis
  • Mining Industry: waste and material transport

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