Posted On: Friday, February 15, 2019

AKRON, OH: February 13, 2019 – Bonnot officially launched its new ETP 1 Lab Extruder to an emphatic applause from its customers. The new ETP 1 Lab Extruder provides smooth material ingestion, easy feeding and high versatility; along with quick release components reducing time between trials. The Extruder comes equipped with easy to use, intuitive touch screen controls to effortlessly process countless materials like powders, clay, mastics, catalysts, food stuff and many more. The Extruder is small and compact, but is still robust to handle the toughest processing challenges.

Lab Extruder

When asked about how the new ETP 1 Lab Extruder will help Bonnot customers George W. Bain III (V.P. of Operations) responded: “The new ETP 1 Lab Extruder will allow customers to easily feed and extrude a diverse group of materials; while precisely controlling and monitoring the process. The extruder is compact, but offers quite a bit of torque for those drier formulations. While the ETP 1 Lab Extruder has some great standard technical features Bonnot can always customize the machine to fit specific needs; such as longer L/D ratio, higher RPM, higher torque, and countless screw geometries. Probably one of the best attributes of the ETP 1 Lab Extruder is its scalability so our customer’s can mitigate risk as they commercialize new products and processes.”

The ETP 1 Lab Extruder is now available for purchase. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bonnot at or 330-896-6544 for more information or check out our website at

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