Here at Bonnot; We Solve Problems!

Since 1960 the Bain Family, now in its third generation, carries on what the Bonnot Family began by providing the best processing equipment and solutions for our customers worldwide.

Our History

The Bonnot Company can trace its roots back to the 1830’s when Maximin Bonnot operated a blacksmith shop in Long Sancy, France. He came to America in 1840 and ran a shop in Frenchtown, PA until 1851 when he moved to a settlement of French immigrants near Harrisburg, OH, in northeastern Stark County, OH. He and his sons made tools, wagon parts, and farm implements, until his death in 1864. Son Charles carried on the business and moved to a very large farm known as “Stone Hill” near Louisville, OH. “Stone Hill” became known as quite a social center, town hall, and general gathering place for the French settlers in the area. The first elections in the region were held there. By 1878 Charles Bonnot knew he needed larger quarters.


Bonnot then moved to Louisville, OH and built a plant and the first foundry in the area to make iron castings. That site was at the Pennsylvania Rail Road and Route 44. By 1891 the making of tools, castings, and farm implements and wagons was going so well that Charles (then 70) and his sons who were part of the business decided to move to Canton, OH, into a vacant plant owned by the Harter Family (banking), and Bonnot was incorporated in 1891. At that plant in Canton, OH Bonnot began building brick-making equipment followed by other extrusion and processing equipment for food, soap, chemical, plastic, and much more in the decades that followed.

After the WWII Bonnot continued to diversify its product offerings into the food and pet food industries; along with petrochemical catalyst industry. Also, as more and more people moved to the suburbs after the war there was an increase in the consumer goods market. Bonnot was well positioned to provide robust equipment  that could provide continuous operation. In 1960 Bruce Bain joined Bonnot; which set the stage for decades of innovation to come for Bonnot. Since then Bonnot  has gone through many changes, but have always understood that the lifeblood of any company is creating new products and markets that solve problems for our customers. Bonnot has built a proud tradition of enabling its people, with exceptional talents and dedication, to deliver long-term success for each customer.


In 1991 George Bain joined Bonnot and worked side by side his father until Bruce retired in 2002 after 42 years of service to Bonnot and its customers. Today George still owns Bonnot; with his daughter Sutton Cook joining him in 2020. Over the last ten years Bonnot has increased its engineering and manufacturing capabilities with the most modern technology available. Bonnot has always prided itself on its collaboration with customers in the test room to create custom solutions for new applications and improving current processes. The Bonnot and Bain Family have not kept Bonnot successful without the help of its exceptional staff. Creating an environment where our staff can think creatively and provide solutions have allowed us to serve our customers in the best possible way.

The Bain Family carries on what the Bonnot Family began by providing the best processing equipment and solutions for our customers worldwide. We do this by listening to our customer’s needs no matter what the application may be. We can provide time-tested equipment; along with total customization services that provides the customer everything to meet their needs without sacrificing the particulars.