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The Bonnot Company's machine designs may be employed in numerous and varied applications. Our applications are so wide ranging that we have been involved with 1000's of applications. Customers use our equipment for forming, feeding, pelletizing and material handling, recycling in addition to other applications. As a custom machine builder, we pride ourselves on innovative customization.

Consumer products, industrial, medical and recycling are just a few of the many industries we serve. Learn More
Our extruders and production systems are recognized worldwide as the standard for processing. Learn More
Our extruders and production systems are recognized worldwide as the standard for processing. Learn More

Our cooking and cold forming extrusion equipment produce outstanding results by continuously maintaining precise control of cooking temperature, pressure, Learn More
Our Horizontal designs are ideally suited for processing full (or partial) bales of highly viscous materials. Learn More
Our products are currently used for mineral recycling, pyrolysis and MRF materials — just to name a few. Learn More

Our equipment converts these byproducts into an efficient fuel source or a value-added feed for livestock. Learn More
Bonnot has been involved with recycling projects concerning polymers/waste/garbage for many years and posses a unique knowledge and understandi Learn More
Our equipment delivers performance and reliability for handling organic materials and compounds. Learn More

Decades of R&D enable us to convert fines from processed coal into an excellent fuel source. Learn More
Our line of plastics and plastic compound extruders feature a feeding capability unmatched in the industry. Learn More
Our products are designed to offer customers alternatives to convert materials for various fuel productions. Learn More

Through application flexibility, our multipurpose extruders consistently deliver high quality processing. Learn More
Our pelletizing extruders are designed to transform bulk materials into pellets of uniform size. Learn More
Our design, manufacturing and testing excellence enable us to provide equipment for a broad range of materials. Learn More

Enables the handling of large batches of sticky and difficult materials or full size bales. Learn More
Our feeders are designed for uniform distribution of large batches of materials in specific ways. Learn More
Bonnot Company cutting equipment helps to create uniform profiles for a variety of applications. Learn More