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Specialty Equipment

Modern extrusion equipment and processes require support as well as sideline equipment to achieve the desired end result. To help our clients reach their extrusion goals, we design, engineer and manufacture a superb lineup of specialty equipment for several technical purposes, including vacuuming, dewatering, bulk feeding and mixing. We offer a complete test facility available at no charge to prove our talent for the design and manufacturing of exceptional extrusion products. Our experienced staff will gladly assist you with your product development effort. Contact us at 330.896.6544 to learn more about these specialty products and how they ensure the longevity of your extrusion equipment.

New Patented in-line vacuum technology used for many applications where de-airing is required or beneficial to the end product. Learn More
Our dewatering technology cost effectively reduces moisture levels in a wide variety of products. Learn More
Designed to handle large batches of material straight from the mixer to remove the cost of handling. Learn More

Mixes and extrudes material to users' specifications, eliminating the need for two separate machines. Learn More