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The Bonnot Company has positioned itself as one of the foremost experts in recycling materials from organics, coal, minerals, de-watering and pyrolosis applications. For example, those recycling plastics often use extruders to reduce material to easy-to-handle pellets and for reintroduction into compounding extruders. Screen changers and die-face mounts are also employed in this aspect because they ensure high quality pellets.

Extruders in recycling applications ensure high production rates and steady output. They are typically the last machines in the line after a pre-treatment system, such as some form of washing, separation and even a densifying machine.

Similar to recycling, extruders used for reclamation are able to process excess material and wastes such as scraps from other extrusion or manufacturing processes. Properly integrated into any manufacturing and processing environment, extruders enable users to reclaim these materials so they're effectively maximizing their production capabilities, using up all available materials and getting the most out each process.

Finally, extruders also provide valuable functionality for environmental reclamation efforts. With the ability to produce small beads and pellets, extruders enable the mass production of everything from plastics used to aerate the land to more organic compounds that can help repair damaged areas of the environment.

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