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Bonnot Company extruders are often used in recycling initiatives around the world. Whether it's an effort to reclaim material for use in another application, or recycling material into easy-to-manage pellets, our team constantly innovates new product capabilities and efficiencies that help our customers save money while being responsible with their material.

As technology evolves, the need for extruders to produce the highest quality pellets and reclaimed scrap increases. That's also coupled with the demand for greater energy efficiency and machines that can produce reclaimed scrap similar in nature to virgin materials.

These demands are no challenge for our team. Every product we develop can be customized according to our customers' needs and tailored so that the resulting material is exactly to specification — with the added benefit of energy efficiency, material handling and more.

Various advances in screw geometry and more have enabled material to gain better robustness throughout processing. This also leads to greater processing output as well as reduced machine footprint.

If your organization is looking for an extruder to engage in recycling or reclamation, please contact us at 330.896.6544 or fill out our Application Requirements e-form.