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The Bonnot Company customizes mixers to fit specific applications. With many variables such as overall capacity, type of materials, dust, moisture and more to consider, all pug mill mixers are modified as necessary to match your specific needs. Our long history in the brick and tile industry provides an extensive base of experience designing and manufacturing pug mills for various applications. We offer designs that include variable pitch knives for changing the amount of residence and mixing time. Replaceable, bolt-on knife design allows for cost effective maintenance. Depending on the application, we offer abrasion and corrosion resistant contact materials.

Each pug mill mixer is designed for uniform, continuous feed applications for multiple industries and provides users with a variety of options when handling different types of material. In some cases, particular materials may be recovered and returned to the process stream. Contact us at 330.896.6544 to learn about the many options available for customized pug mill mixers.

Designed for easy material handling and uniform, continuous feed applications for multiple industries. Learn More