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The Bonnot Company has one goal: to provide the best-in-class extrusion and processing equipment for our customers. We achieve this by thoroughly engaging and consulting in 100's of industries. With over 150 years of combined experience in supporting extrusion processes in many different trades, we hope you'll trust us to provide the highest quality machines available.

Take a moment to browse through some of our customers as well as the many industries in which our equipment is trusted for processing success.

Our equipment produces many familiar products, each requiring a customized approach for the desired results. Learn More
Our extruders process large batches of material in a controlled fashion to create uniform profiles. Learn More
More wood composite material is produced using Bonnot Company extruders than any other brand. Learn More

Rubber extruders are used extensively for mastics and are capable of full bale feeding for compounding. Learn More
Our equipment processes many products for dental, medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. Learn More
Bonnot equipment creates all shapes and sizes of candy and confectionery products for the baking industry. Learn More

For over 100 years, we've set the standard in equipment that ensures reliable processing operations. Learn More
Our equipment converts large batches of product from your mixers and profiles it for a finished product. Learn More
With over 120 years in business, our experienced team can solve all your processing equipment problems. Learn More