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Extruding and Forming

The Bonnot Company has many popular, multi-purpose extruders available in a variety of sizes. Use our Forming Extruder with Twin Packers for pilot plant operations ranging from 4" to 20" for varied volume production.

Applications for use include chemicals, ceramics, foods, sealants and forming processes. Choose from a wide selection of auger and barrel configurations for your specific application. Barrel and auger heating and cooling is available for all processing.

Our interchangeable dies provide a broad range of shapes and sizes. These extruders can be equipped with an optional rotary-type fly knife or guillotine cutter. Our forming extruders are designed specifically for the purpose of transforming bulk material into a manageable or finished profile.

Made to handle granular or otherwise difficult-to-feed materials, our Cold Forming Extruders are affordable and simple, while the Twin Packer design offers worry-free operation through advanced hopper design.

All machines are available in carbon or stainless steel and capacities range from 10 lbs. to 80,000 lb. per hour. Bonnot extruder sizes are identified by extrusion auger diameter.

Contact us at 330.896.6544 to learn more, or fill out our Application Requirements e-form.

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